Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who would I like to hear from?

Good question! I really want to do reviews and giveaways with Green and Organic companies. I know it's a little left field from the usual blogs but for my values this is important.

  Main stream corporations get a ton of praise for products that are ultimately detrimental to the well being of man kind. Bottom line. I know how hard it is to make eco conscious choices for our families, so I want to promote and support as many Earth friendly companies and products as possible. 

  I currently use many green friendly products in my home and have started making the switch to equally as conscious clothing and appliances. What I want to do for my readers is provide you all with honest feed back and hopefully some great giveaways that will get the eco ball rolling for your family! 

  I'm also vegetarian....making a shift to all out vegan. I judge not, so don't worry, I won't throw eggs at you if you're not :) . I will, however, give advice on how you too can make the switch; if you like. That said, I want offer Organic options where possible. 

  I need your help! If you own a green or organic company, please contact me for reviews of your products (many of which I probably already use!) I will post links often to my favorites, so browse around and find something you like. 

Truth is, our children inherit our habits. Let's set a good example! One step at a time....Ready?

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