Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Admittedly~ it's been troublesome trying to get the hang of this blogging adventure! I'm more of a talker, and trust me, I can go on and on! If it's any consolation, I'm also a single mom which makes time.. well at the very least something to be reckoned with. I'm pretty easily distracted with family demands and housework and activities for all ages - so sitting is also, something to be reckoned with!  All in all, one thing stands true and that's that, I need to learn to blog!

Perhaps a vlog? Yes! that would be perfect! I'm in the market for a new laptop, of course by in the market I mean, I'm trying to win one! I had a beautiful Toshiba with the works for all of about 7 weeks before it was stolen (at a play group of all places?!) so paying for a new one would at the very least...sting. 

I should mention a little of what's new around here, while I'm here :) First..or really not first but something I've been ridiculously excited about for a while - I was selected to host a Pinkberry party by Crowdtap! This was such an exciting event, an opportunity to hang out with friends, show off our eco savvy and enjoy some yum! I'm all in! Pinkberry was a blast, it'd been so long since we'd done something like this and needless to say we all needed the break! I had to try the Salted Caramel, there was absolutely no way in the whole world to resist the temptation...I even tried...seriously...  and boy am I glad I didn't! That is one awesome froyo (oh yeah, picked up a lil lingo while I was out *froyo* FROzen YOgurt ;) I referred to it as Heaven in a little cup =) because that's exactly what it felt like. The staff was very helpful with topping suggestions. I did as any kid in a candy store destined for for a belly ache...I got the works! Topped that bad boy off with some dark chocolate crisps, heath crumbles, crispy crepe flakes, and a couple waffle cookies to boot! Oh gosh..I'm having a craving all over again! It was awesome, everyone had fun I had an opportunity to mingle with some patrons and chat about Crowdtap and how awesome Pinkberry is. I'm so big on mingling! 

Another thing - my tomatoes are not growing. I have never planted anything. Pretty much ever. I'd probably yield better results just tossing some seeds out to some dirt and wishing them well! I'm taking it pretty good though, despite the disappointment it is still a learning opportunity. While I'm not exactly certain what it is I am to learn from this, I appreciate the opportunity, none the less :) My eldest says, I waited too long to plant them, tht they should have been planted in the Spring? I say...I didn't have the kit in the Spring and so it makes sense I would plant them the first day of Summer, since that's when I got the kit. I also planted some Marigold's ..which also have yet to sprout. One thin's for sure - there's always next Spring and if Go's willing - I'm certainly able to give it a whirl again!

We also took our first transit ride recently! I've been really nervous about transit and half a dozen children to tote but it really wasn't all that bad. We don't have a car and pretty much walk everywhere in town, for places further that 3 miles we'll either walk there and bus back or vice versa. Walking, in my opinion is a great way to connect not only with each other but with Nature. Plus it's cheaper and builds the lungs =) Truth be told I could use a minivan! so there we were on the BART with one single mission..well two: 1> sit by the door & 2> listen for transfer stops! We did pretty good too! Turns out it's easy to bogart your way through a crowd with a crew of 7! (My apologies, by the way for  any wheeled over toes or uncomfortable nudges!) I'm not from New York, but I've watched enough movies to know that sometimes ''ya gotta do whatcha gotta do'' I think we got it down! The next trip we did end up on the wrong train back and had to go 3 cities over and transfer to different train and all that fun stuff but even that wasn't so bad. I conquered my fear of ''what if we get on the wrong train'' right then and there! 

Bottom line is life is phenomenal in itself! Just roll with it! So my tomatoes aren't growing, so we got lost, so there was a strange man barking, so WHAT! If you just relax and breath... not too deeply around some people - it will all be over and you'll be back to your norm in no time! I'll be back with more happenings - maybe tomorrow ;) 

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