Sunday, June 26, 2011

What have I been up to?

So no blog entries lately's out and these are some SERIOUS little busy bodies! I'm just short of losing my mind all together-that said, we've spent a lot of time outside (gasp :) I've been getting in on deals from the deal sites like Gaggle of Chicks, where I got the ''My First Organics'' kit and we started a garden! I wanted to wait until we moved to a home with an actual yard but sometimes you just gotta seize the moment; so we're gardening on out porch! Another great is SaveMore, we've gotten in on so many great deals there but our favorite has been the Jamberry Nails! Cute and easy nail design for us ladies takes only moments! I really dislike the smell of traditional nail polish and the girls love nail design. Wallah! Something for all of us! No smells and plenty of cute...I'm a happy momma! Are you on Heartsy yet? Homemade goodness for way cheaper than anything you'd find in a specialty shop! These sites give you credits to sign up so your fist deal could very well be free! Free is GOOD !

That just about covers the ladies here, basically we've been shopping, gardening, and shopping some more! Now as for Jordan, my little monster,...he's being  a boy! How quickly he picked that up! Nothing is sacred to this child he likes to take everything apart or tear it down or bang it around...a lot. It's a little nerve racking to say the least but understandably - that's a boy's nature. While he identifies ''pretty'' he also understands that there HAS to be a way to take it apart! I believe there has to be a happy medium so there's a ton of ''no'' and ''yes, that's yours'' going around ...followed of course with outbursts of "MOMMMMM Jordan's destroying EVERYTHING!" It's pretty fun around here :)

 We recently discovered playing at the elementary school is much more fun than the park so we've been hanging out there quite a bit. Summertime is the BEST in my opinion because we get more outside play,which makes for restful nights! What have you been up to?

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