Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh Gosh!

Time to clear out! Spring has sprung and Winter's energy is still backed up in here so I gotta move it out! My rule is, clear out old energy to welcome new energy =) I love welcoming new, every season so that's what I'm up to. I have Salvation Army coming out to pick up the waffle maker I've had since 5 kids ago and only used once and the rice cooker/veggie steamer I got at a Goodwill brand new for $5 that I never used and the girl's tea party set with 2 missing chairs and their kitchen play set...just a bunch of stuff! I want to replace the play sets with eco friendly wooden's pretty costly which is why I'm giving away my good stuff with my usual, give and get mentality...I give good, I get good. Maybe not all in the same day, but it works out ;) That's what I'm up to this week, nothing excited just yet, more to come!

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