Monday, February 21, 2011

LOOOOOOng weekend!

My goodness I swear I've NEVER spent so much time cleaning and doing laundry! And I'm STILL not done! What's in your cleaning arsenal? I've used soap nuts for some time now. Yeah...soap...nuts. It's soap...and it grows on trees... NO KIDDING! Truth is, these things have been around for like 2000 years....long before, mainstream detergents! They're bio degradable, chemical free, and you can use them for all your household soap, laundry soap, shampoo, uhhhhmmm glass cleaner, tub joke! There's 2 places I buy from; 1: Naturoli and 2: Maggie's. Unfortunately the green revolution has brought about many trolls looking to get rich quick so you need to know who has the quality nuts :) I'll dig into this a little more this week...the dryer just beeped at me! Hopefully someone out there actually got to inJoy this 3 day weekend! Have a wonderful night! <3

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