Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mon Ami.... Bon Ami! >> Bon Ami Product review and Giveaway sponsored by EcoMom

I'm kind of a ''clean freak'', I like to keep my stuff clean and looking ''new'' for as long as humanly fact if you recall that show Full House - Danny (the dad) was completely neurotic about keeping things clean and neat - that's ME! All the way! Well, here recently I got to thinking...I spend so much time cleaning and organizing (''so the house looks nice when someone comes over'' and also because I cannot function in a messy space) that I fact rarely, get to actually enjoy my clean house!

 Which led me to this weekend, it's a 4 day weekend here and I figured I would once and for all get this house in order and just sit back and enjoy the feeling...So check it out~ Our friends at ecomom sent me some awesome cleaning products to try out, maybe you've heard of it~ Bon Ami! It just so happened...I had slacked off tremendously this Summer with my ''duties'' and needless to say, inside, I was going nuts!

What I like about Bon Ami - 1) There's NO chemicals! no artificial this & that; methyl, pheno, poly...crap you have to Google and the Wiki to understand what it does! 2) It's ecomom approved! What that means is ecomom has ''evaluated all their products against a set proprietary criteria for the SAFEST  & HEALTHIEST products for our families''! huh? ...yeah! They don't back ANYTHING that is harmful...nada. Knowing you can go to one place and find great products and even better prices makes life that much easier. 3) They reeled me in with ''we use recipes, NOT formulas'' 

Let's get started! I was sent the entire Bon Ami line; the Powder Cleanserthe Liquid Cleanserthe All Purpose Cleaner, & the Dish Soap ~ and all in the very gorgeous scent of Tangerine and Thyme...**Ahhhh** Bon Ami, a company after my own heart! I got to work, first up: The stove & oven. My beautiful, kind, sweet oven...stained with pizza night sleep overs, morning after pancakes, & other all out odd stains! For this job I broke out the Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser. I was so completely (and STILL am) shocked at how well this cleanser handled the job! I had my stainless steel scrubbie on back up, just in case and didn't even need it! A good wipe down and couple of clean rag rinses was all it took to handle that grody~ness! *go figure?!* I was inspired! I proceeded to the stove top and the tiled areas where the stove meets the counters - *swipe-swipe* DONE! This entire clean up which ordinarily would take every bit of an hour or so was knocked out in 20 flip'n minutes!? ~in fact it took me longer to pull the dang stove out than it took to clean! Unbelievable!!! 

Next up: The ''Guest Bathroom'' ..otherwise known as he downstairs bathroom; however~ better known as, ''You guys really LIVE like this?!!!'' It's the grossest area of the house at any given time and especially; particularly if you don't call first! I don't know why in the world, in a house full of ''girls'' my bathrooms can't stay in decent shape! Rugs all over the place, hand towels on the floor, disgusting body scrubbers on the shower floor! I don't even go in there...I'm talk'n it HAS to be an emergency for me to USE that restroom, in fact in the 3 years we've lived her, I've used it 4 times. Total. I'll gladly trot my butt upstairs to my bathroom~ NO problem! 

Okay, sorry for the rant, back to the point: I went in! After removing all the surface safety hazards (the afore mentioned towels, rugs etc.)...I brought in the reinforcements Bon Ami Powder Cleanser and All Purpose Cleaner to the rescue! Thank the heavens for that fresh Tangerine and Thyme scent, I might not had gotten through that mess without it! That shower floor was..well...GROSS and the sink basin sure needed a little love! I cleared the drain of the soap bits, flat ironed hair balls, and toilet tissue (?!) and sprayed her down with the All Purpose cleaner, *Voila* she was all sparkly and happy again...just like the day we met :) At this point I honestly was kinda hope'n it'd take a little longer for the basin because I honestly did not want to touch that shower, lol, but alas the time had come. I sprayed the entire shower down with the All Purpose cleaner and sprinkled on the Powder Cleanser...then I walked away for about 3 minutes - I totally needed to zone out for this job (or so I thought) I wrapped my head around the issue and took it on gung ho, and wouldn't you know it - took maybe 10 minutes to wipe it all down and rinse away! Relieved ~ I called my mom to complain and boast ..'' I don't know why these kids don't help out around here, but remember that product review i told you I needed to do? That stuff works miracles! i'm done with the worst jobs in the house and it hasn't even been an hour!'' 
(etc..**blah, blah, blah...ha ha ha**) 
I mopped, scrubbed the toilet (a WHOLE 'nother issue) and my downstairs bathroom Smells, feels and looks gorgeous again! This only happens when I clean it! 

I should mention the Dish Soap does it's job well too! Suds up wonderfully and smells wonderful, sure does make bust'n suds a relaxing experience and doesn't dry out my hands! Without question, the Bon Ami is Mon Ami! Cuts through grime, grease and scum without bust'n a sweat and smells great all the while! Give it a whirl~ you'll be very glad you did, and right now when you head over to you'll get FREE SHIPPING on every order, no limits! Wanna sweeten the deal? You're in luck~ use my referral code SB005909 and SAVE an extra 15% on your FIRST order! But wait there's more =D ecomom has generously offered to sponsor a gift certificate in the amount of $35 to one of my ever so lucky readers! That's enough for the entire Bon Ami line and then some! (One can't have won a prize from ecomom in the past 60 days) Entry is easy, just leave a comment on this post tell'n me how awesome I am... ok just kidding :) 

...Just answer this question, which area of your home do you try to avoid? I'm it just me? 

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