Friday, September 23, 2011

CrunchMaster Review

One way or another i got hooked up with the awesome crew of Moms Meet ...okay it was more like I kept applying to be an Ambassador until I was accepted and completely forgot i had even applied! Love it when that happens =) After a few emails to different groups regarding these packages of goods that kept arriving at my door, I was informed that I was accepted as an ambassador! Awesome!!! 

I was selected for the Crunchmaster Party.  Crunchmaster is a gluten free alternative to snack crackers, and I'll tell you, a darn tasty one at that! They're oven baked & one serving (15 crackers!!!) offers 3 grams of protein! That's important to me because as you know, we don't eat meat. I always check the protein factor. Top these babies off with a little organic cream cheese and frsh chives and you have yourself - a new addiction! I've been hooked! 

It's back to school time for us and we have been ridiculously busy~ just, gross with busy! That said, I wasn't really in a ''mood'' for entertaining when these got here. I had invited a few friends to discuss homework club and who's picking up who - when; when it hit me...break out the Crunchmasters! I did, trying very hard to hold back my personal excitement friends tend to get a little annoyed at how excited I get for them to try new things :)  That said, I had 7 ''big kids'' upstairs chatting it up on who said what, when, where, how (girl stuff) I called my 14 year old down and suggested she take up a snack; Crunchmaster's, chaddar cheese cubes and Izze's for ALL! We the ''grown ups'' had some as well with the cream cheese hook up I mentioned, I waited. Within minutes - ''what are these?'' (Yayyyyy...NOW I get to talk about my latest product review =) I went in, product info and all, handed out a couple fliers, several coupons and a couple extra mini bags for them to share! 

Perfect! That was easy! that Tuesday I had my eldest take a few bags to school and hand them to her hungry know, the ones that can be found raiding my kitchen on any given day~ and just let me know what everyone thinks. At 3:30 I had 5 hungry teens at my door asking if there were, uhhh.. ''here's a coupon kid, how's your allowance look'n?'' Of course i gave them a couple more snack bags for the road! I have a few school mom friends that have children with gluten sensitivities; one family is on a very tight budget, I run into them often at the grocers too so if I have a few extra coupons I don't need that day I give them to their mother, I gave her my ''free bag'' coupon I got as well as a few sample bags for her daughter - she really struggles with snack options due to gluten sensitivity. 

To make a long story short, this party turned out to be about a week and a half long! That's how to party!!! I'm an official walk'n and talk'n product reviewer! My 10 year old LOVES coming to the store with me because ''you're always helping people figure out what to get'' and she's right! I feel a little like a billboard of PR but hey, if you know what's good, you should share! Admittedly, I kinda like when someone takes my advice! I give myself a pat on the back every time I can change someone's mind from buying unhealthy nonsense and if I have a few coupons in tow - it's that much easier!

 Alas, I am a Moms Meet Ambassador! I haven't been selected yet for any others but when I am, I'll be blog'n! 

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