Thursday, March 24, 2011

Deal Pulp!

I think everyday I will blog about Deal Pulp! Deal Pulp is more than a deal site, it's like a ..introduction to innovative products and companies AND deal site. What's more is once and again Deal Pulp offers a store credit, sometimes it's $3 sometimes it's $5 ...sounds like nothing? Yeah well you can do one of two things, 1) Let those credits stack and score a phat deal at the end of the month or 2) grab one of the deals of the day! Kid you not, that's how I was introduced to tons of companies, today I used my Knork deal and got myself some shiny new salad forks =) I used a $3 credit for $7 worth of Knork..shipping is free so my total was $0.00. $7 doesn't buy a lot of fact it's good for one for one Knork fork, but I was excited to try it out ..and score a freebie so I did. The other day I used an $8 credit for $20 worth of Juno Baby, shipping is like &7 so while it was technically free, I had some out of pocket on that one. You should definitely check it out and when they offer the credit again, I'll post the heads up!

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