Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey! you know what's cool?!

Today on Twitter I found, Green Mama's Pad! And through her-I found Rebecca Plants! Rebecca's a mommy with an awesome idea! ...Well, we all are, it's just this one's new to me and very helpful as well;15 minutes outside! I love it! It's just a little something to do in the mornings with the babies for 15's the thing about time, to us busy adults 15 minutes is..well a joke! But to the babies, 15 minutes is like an hour! Especially when it's super fun and something everyone wants to do. She's written a book..I'm hoping to win it so I can delve a little more into this, but for now, I'm following her blog! I am, as usual, super excited...and I'm approaching this with ALL positivity, lol. The thing about my kids is there's always an's to be expected I guess...

Let's do a head count: There's Imani 13, she knows EVERYTHING and can absolutely do no wrong and sometimes concludes that she clearly was placed in this family by complete accident :). Isis 9, Isis too knows everything and argues her point diligently with no foundation what so ever :) Nia 8,She's my little diplomat! Let's hope that never changes :) Aminah 5, Aminah's just all around different, she's a 'lover' full of hugs and kindness...and 'weird' ideas..I love it :)  Zari 3, better known as Queen Zari, enough said :) & Jordan 1, he's jus a little charmer full of independence and a little destructive...if it's up, he quickly concludes it should come down :)

While, like I said I'm approaching this with all positivity-the issue comes with Imani and Isis..they rarely agree and even when they do - it's very temporary! I'm starting tomorrow morning..wish me luck!

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